Felting is AWESOME!

I’ve had the Felted Tricorn Hat in my ravelry queue for almost as long as I’ve had a ravelry queue.

I love this hat. I love the making of this hat, with its gargantuan needles and carrying 4 strands for the first several rows of brim. I love the huge array of possible colours. I love that the tricorn brim is only one of many options and I can make myself a slightly less pirate-y winter hat with this pattern.

Mommy, this hat is way too big.

Mostly… I LOVE the felting. I put the cast-off hat on Girlchild1’s head this morning and she was all “Mommy, this hat is waay too big” and I told her I have hat magic and could make it fit. And I DO! And it DOES!

I do! And it does!

I learned some things – for example, next time the stuff I put in with my item for agitation won’t be so fluffy. And next time, when I pull the item out of the hot water and say “yup, that’s the size!” I’ll set the washer to rinse immediately, rather than let it finish the cycle. Because this hat is almost too small.

Which is to say, too small for me. But hopefully quite niece-sized.

This was an amazing 1-day project (um, if you include staying up ’til 1am as part of the one day). I bought wool yesterday morning, and 24 hours later have a hat blocking atop my head. (With a 1/2 day of actual work in there as well). And FUN! Well, more fun if I don’t let my wool get all tangled up next time. I spent far too much of that one day untangling. Good lesson, I suppose, for when I cast on my stole.


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