A Setback


If you cannot be a good example, try not to be a terrible warning. Today’s Very Special Lesson is read through your charts before you start, so you know where you’re going.

I had planned for 9 repeats of the main chart for Beachsongs. So, on the 9th time through the 37-row chart, I got all excited about moving over to the edging chart. I should have channeled some of that enthusiasm into reading the edge chart, which begins not at row 37, but at row 33.


“No problem”, says I. “I can do 10 pattern repeats”. I ran a lifeline through, kept on going, and 31 rows later I was ready to start on the edge chart. And 13 rows after that, It was clear that I wasn’t going to have enough wool.

I tried not to cry while I ripped back to lifeline, and then picked up 300-some-odd stitches back onto the needle. Then I put the whole thing away and went to bed.

Because the edge chart features a single motif at the centre (not the double-motif of the body chart) I can’t repair this from where I am, I have 4 rows to un-knit, desperately hoping I don’t drop anything on the way back. But life kind of got complicated between 2am and noon today, and the emotional turmoil of undoing all that work will just have to wait.

Lucky for me, I had some waiting time to fill on Friday, and cast on a Yoda hat. So the need to do something useful with all my frustration will find an outlet that amuses me. Huzzah.


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