What Do You Love

I’m on my summer holiday right now. And am spending these three days of it at a convent with my boss. Which is, thank God, a lot more fun than it sounds.

I’m at a conference on Appreciative Inquiry which is tons of fun because this guru is up there saying all these things that affirm and undergird stuff that I’ve held to be true for quite a long time now. Whee!

You know that moment where you go around the room and tell everyone who you are and something about yourself? He asked us, “what do you love to do”. Then he talked to us about how, for most people, what we love to do is tied up, either literally or metaphorically, with our purpose, with what God hand in mind when God created us.

I love finding patterns. I love putting great patterns and gorgeous yarn together to make something wonderful. I love tweaking patterns- taking what has been done before and making it just slightly more suited to my yarn, or my needs, or my abilities. I love stringing stitches on after another on the needle, knowing where I’m headed, and trusting that each stitch is a step on the way to getting there. I love holding beauty in my hands. I love being in community with others who love this, too. I love knitting a gift, and holding the beloved other in my heart for the time it takes to make a thing.

These work for me, as metaphors for how I want to live my life; carry out my ministry; fulfill my purpose in the world.

So it does not surprise me at all that as I prepare for day 2 of this conference, I’m eager to see what comes next, and how it will fit together with all that has come before… almost as if I’m working with noro.


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