2 Out of 3 Ain’t Bad (or 3/5)

Looking back over pictures from the last 5 years, it has come to my attention that we manage to observe our Eldest’s birthday every other year. They correspond with the years that I’ve been on mat. leave. But there it is.

Her first birthday cake: (and by cake, I mean “cakes”. One I made for the day of, which we took to Daddy’s office*. One supplied by my parents when we had a dinner at their place. One slab cake for the party. We have never again had a party on the scale of her first.)

Her third Birthday was celebrated with a pool party, and 10 of her friends, which is to say, 10 of my friends’ kids.

So, true to pattern (although I am happily employed this February), I’m attempting a 5th birthday cake.

My cake is a great big disastrous mess, sitting in my fridge. There will be pictures later. Maybe.

I find myself wishing I attempted these more often, so that every attempt, I would remember more about how to NOT SCREW IT UP.

There’s a great deal of error that can (one hopes) be covered up with buttercream frosting.

And if all else fails, there’s still a sugary mess with OMG! A BARBIE! in the middle.

Except that it isn’t a Barbie. It’s a Disney Princess Fashion doll, specifically Belle. Because I somehow that irks me (ever-so-slightly) less than presenting blonde and blue-eyed Barbie as the only possible princess ideal. Whatever.

I’m off to attempt frosting.

*of the cakes I’ve attempted, this one remains my favourite. The concept was pure geek and the execution was sufficient.


3 Responses

  1. Cake # 1 is utterly brillliant by the way – remind me to show you the Canadian Living inspired dinosaur (his steggie spikes were made of arrowroot cookies) that I made for John’s first fete. You know very well that the OMG factor will work extremely well….and I will, again, say thankful prayers for having boys, for whom one can fill a 9 x 13 pan with their favourite base, ice it with chocolate icing, and create a construction scene with digger candles, chocolate crumb dirt, and other goodies – a winner, every time.

  2. It’s the thought that counts!!

  3. The geeky cake is awesome!

    My mom definitely made the Canadian Living dinosaur cake for my sister one year, and my aunt made it for one of my cousins, it was really cool.

    Yay for non-blonde Barbie princesses. My sister and I definitely had a red-headed Little Mermaid Barbie-ish doll. I’m pretty sure it was one of maybe 2 that never got hair cuts, or painted with nail polish to look like Darth Maul.


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