Two Whole Cakes: From hopeful optimism to crushing disappointment

We start off with two 8″ round pans, and a bowl to give the top of the skirt its shape.
I pulled out a third 8″ pan, since I was going to have more batter than I needed.
Or so I thought.

And two boxes of cake mix. Name brand cake mix, even. And 6 egg whites. So much potential.
The batter was delicious. Yes. I eat raw egg whites. And I let my kids lick the spoons, too.
We live on the edge.

And one of the things I consistently Don’t learn from all of this is patience. Mixing up one box of cake at a time would have meant not overcrowding the oven. And this could have been avoided.

But of course, we forge on ahead. 3 8″ cakes, glued together with lemon spread, and topped with… well that layer was excised, and I’m hoping to find a smallish bundt pan this afternoon. And more cake mix. And more lemon spread. And possibly order a back-up slab cake while I’m out.


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