My Youngling

A week ago, (I know exactly what day it was, because I then felt obliged to explain their wardrobe choices for the Pancake Supper) I picked up the girls at day care and was told the the next day would be Super Hero and Princess Day. The little one was easy enough to costume, since she has a closet full of handed-down party dresses and anything with a crinoline is a “Princess Dress”. We threw on some wings from the Tickle Trunk, and lo, she was the Queen of the Winter Fairies. (If the phrase “tickle trunk” throws you for a loop then get thee to Youtube and search for Mr. Dressup. Go ahead. I’ll wait.)

My Big Girl, who is now old enough to have a firm opinion about such things, wanted to be Obi Wan Kenobi. Which is a challenge, when drawing from a wardrobe that is heavy on the pinks and flowers. We put her in some black yoga pants, a green tunic (a very-too-small green dress, but we’ll call it a tunic, because Obi Wan doesn’t wear dresses) and a grey vest of mine. She was fairly happy with the combined effect, but it got me thinking about how we could do better. And how useful a quick-and-easy jedi costume would be for the Tickle Trunk.

I would want something washable, and not too warm since she’d be wearing it over play clothes. And without too many pieces. I googled a bit and found a jedi costume tutorial. But I didn’t want authentic- I wanted easy, and just needed to create a vague impression of jedi-ness.

I managed this out of a single ball of Lion Brand Homespun in Rococo. And if I NEVER work with this yarn again that would be okay with me. Still, I’m happy enough with the end result- except that the edges curl something fierce. Perhaps the outer edges should have been ribbed? She still needs a leather belt and boots to complete the costume- and a brown robe. (I have the Homespun to knit a cloak, I just can’t bring myself to do it.) I’m working on writing up the recipe, since there wasn’t anything similar available on Ravelry. But for now, here’s adorable pictures of my little Youngling.


2 Responses

  1. Yoda sez “so cute it is”.

  2. I will not be showing this to my younglings or ill be knitting at least two!!!

    I also do not care for the LB Homespun. I received about 10 skeins from a friend who knows I knit. Awful it is.

    Love what you’ve done with it though!

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