The Book of Me

One thing I often browse through, when I’m out and browsing, is guided journals.  I found one, once, that I loved.  I gifted it to a young woman preparing for confirmation.  I think they’re a great idea.  But I rarely find what I’m looking for.

So it occurred to me that this was one of those things that, if I couldn’t buy ready-made, I could make for myself.  And so, for Christmas, my girls will be getting “The Book of [Name] 2012”, and writing utensils.

But tucked in the back of each journal, there will be stickers, with journalling prompts.  Story ideas, joke, memory, imagination, and list prompts.  39 of them.  I asked my facebook friends to contribute ideas for prompts- and the resulting list was awesome and hilarious.  And some of the adults were commenting “I would love to get this journal”.

So- here’s the template I’m using for my 5yo, as an easily adaptable Word .doc.  I’m happy to share it.  I used Avery #08923 labels.  All it needs now is a blank book, some fun pens, an imagination, and some time set aside to fill in the The Book of You.



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  1. Trés cool!

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