Up to Here with Valentines

I think that the last of the Valentine Parties is done, for 2012. That was one Monday, for the alternate-day SK classroom.
One Tuesday, for the day-care.
One Wednesday, for the Sparks.

So now my kitchen is full of candy. The kind of cheap, crappy candy you might buy to give out to 20 kids at a time.


I also love the paper sack filled with notes, personalized in barely legible scrawl, addressed to a child who can’t read, from children who can’t read. That’s awesome.

I remember observing St. Valentine’s Day, like there was perhaps some vestige of holiness, or “Christian Love” or agape or something attached to this whole enterprise. But now the “St.” is gone, and it’s just Valentine’s Day. Or perhaps Valentines Day. Since there seems to be nothing going on here except for the exchange of notes and candy for the sake of exchanging notes and candy.

I’m told that by grade 3, nobody “does” valentines any more. I eagerly await those days.

In the meantime, there was a legitimate Saints’ Day in the Anglican calendar yesterday; brothers Cyril and Methodius, missionaries to the Slavs.
They were creators of the Glagolitic Alphabet. Because you couldn’t capture the Slavic language in latin script. So they brought with them, along with the Gospel of Christ, the notion of written language. Seriously. Written. Language. Words, recorded, so they could be shared across time and distance. That? is EFFING awesome.

So then I was all “next year, I’m giving out Cyril and Methodius Day cards, celebrating literacy and brotherly love.”
And someone was all “I double-dog-dare you”.

And then I had some free time.

So. you’re welcome.


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