Fire and Water – A Story By and For a Girl and Her Mom

Once upon a time there was a girl. Not just any girl, a very special girl. You wouldn’t know it to look at her, because on the outside she looked like an ordinary girl. But on the inside, she was made of fire. And her name was Flame.

Flame was part of a very special family. Her father’s name was Storm, on the inside he was made of wind. Her mother’s name was River, and on the inside, she was made of water. And her sister was called Crystal, and inside she was made of the strong earth.

This very special family lived in the woods and ordinary people hardly ever saw them. But if they did, they would see that Flame was bright, and quick, and unpredictable. And they would see that River was sometimes light and bubbly, and sometimes dark and in a rush. And Storm was strong and usually very gentle and cool. And Crystal was careful, and sometimes didn’t move very fast.

Sometimes it was very hard to Flame to be a part of this family. She loved her father and her mother and her sister. But sometimes, even though they loved each other, she would fight with her mother. A LOT. “You are always trying to put me out” she would yell.
And her mother would yell right back “You get me SO steamed up!”

It made them both very sad when they would fight. But they were fire and water inside and sometimes it felt like they just could not get along.

One day the family was out for a walk in the woods, and Crystal, who was very good at being very still, and listening, heard a noise. The family found a bear in the woods, a little bear, and he was crying. There had been a few warm days and it fooled the bear into thinking it was spring, and he came out of his nice warm cave. And now it was cold again, and the poor bear was shivering and crying.
Storm said “all the air here is cold now, I can’t do anything to help him.
Crystal said “I can find his cave, but he is too cold to walk there now, I can’t help him”.
River and Flame both took a step forward to try and help.
Flame looked at her mother and yelled “you can’t help him, you are too cold!”
River looked at her daughter and said in her bossiest voice “you can’t help him, you are too hot!”

And they looked at each other and they both felt very angry.

Then River took another step forward. “I have an idea” she said “but I will need you to help me”.
Flame turned red and said hotly “Mother. You are too COLD I already TOLD YOU”.
River tried not to get too steamed up. She tried to be calm as she said “I have an idea. Please trust me. Please come help”.

And Flame looked at her mother and tried to calm her sizzling feelings. And they both took another step towards the bear.

River wrapped her arms around him in a great big hug.
“Now you hug me” she said. And Flame wrapped her arms around River.

Flame gave lots of hotness to the bear, and her mother kept it gentle so the bear did not get burned. And soon he was not shivering, and soon he was warm.

“I can take him back to his cave!” said Crystal.
“On the way, let’s take him past the apple tree we saw” said Storm. “There were a few apples left in the branches, I’ll get them down for him, and he can have a snack before he goes back to sleep”.

Storm and Crystal and the bear walked away, and Flame and River stayed and kept hugging.

A funny look rippled across River’s face, and words bubbled up from inside her: “I love you, Flame”.
A look flashed across Flame’s face, and words sparked up from inside her: “I love you, too.”

And they did. Very much.


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  1. Great story! Thanks for sharing… from Paige & Pam.

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